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Will a New Front Porch Add Value to My Home?

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Not sure if you should add a front porch to your property or expand the porch you already have? Debating whether to upgrade your porch before you sell your home? You have to weigh the pros and cons for any home investment, whether it’s a simple mailbox replacement or a brand new driveway. Let’s figure out if a new porch will add value to your home.

Benefits of Adding a New Front Porch

Assuming your current porch is small or falling apart, getting a new porch will likely add value to your home. This is because of the extensive benefits that come with updating your porch, including:

  • Boost the curb appeal for your home
  • Add usable outdoor living space for lounging, decorating and conversing
  • Make the entire house look more updated and refreshed
  • Eliminate structural hazards and safety concerns on your porch
  • Get a new selling feature to list when you put your house on the market
  • Upgrade your walkway to create a stunning entry everyone will remember
  • Set the tone for the neighborhood – be the house everyone envies!
  • Use this as a stepping stone for other exterior renovation projects

Some studies show that adding a front porch has an 84% return-on-investment. That doesn’t take into account how high the demand is for your area or what buyers are going to expect. Furthermore, it doesn’t put a number on the usage value you might get from having a large porch to relax on. Keep all of that in mind when making your decision.

Front Porch Restoration vs. New Porch Installation

You may not need to get an entirely new porch. For instance, if you have a brick porch and the bricks themselves are in good shape, you might be able to salvage those materials. If you want to expand the porch or use different materials, then it may be a complete gut job. Assess the benefits/cost of porch restoration vs. porch replacement to determine the best path for your needs.

Reasons You May Not Want a New Front Porch

While there are many benefits to getting a new front porch, it’s not ideal for everyone. If your current porch is in good shape, you may not get a high return on investment. It’s also important to know what the market standard is for your area. Are buyers going to expect a big porch or a new porch? If you have an entry-level home for first time buyers, your current porch may be sufficient.

There are multiple ways to boost your curb appeal, like custom porch columns or decorative driveway edging. Consider all of your options so you can get the most from your investment.

Quality Installation Matters! Learn How to Get the Highest Return on Investment

We cannot emphasize this enough: hire someone you trust! You need a licensed, insured and experienced brick company that can do the job right. Poor craftsmanship will kill any value you hope to add with a new porch. Choose the right contractors for the job so you don’t regret your decision.

If you would like a quote for a new brick porch, call It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257.