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5 Benefits of Driveway Edging

Feel like your driveway looks a bit boring? Want a way to protect your driveway and boost your curb appeal all at once? If so, you may be in need of driveway edging – one of the premium services we provide here at It’s The Brick Guys. Let’s explore some of the key benefits of driveway edging so you can plan your exterior upgrade.

Extend the Life of Driveway Materials

The biggest benefit to driveway edging is that it protects the other materials on the driveway. If you have an asphalt driveway, the edging will prevent the sides from chipping and wearing over time. If you have a paver driveway, the edging will keep the pavers in place. Driveway edging is typically installed several inches into the ground, which also prevents trees and weeds from growing along the perimeter. All of this helps lengthen the lifespan of construction materials.

Prevent Soil Erosion and Protect Your Landscaping

Driveway edging doesn’t just impact the driveway. It can help the landscaping on the other side as well. The edging prevents soil erosion, which leads to fewer cracks in the future. The edge provides a clear border for the driveway, which means that people are less likely to step on your lawn as they walk. Furthermore, the edging may signal drivers to avoid the lawn, keeping the hefty weight of a vehicle off your landscaping. 

Add a Decorative Accent That Dresses up Your Driveway

Most driveways look like a continuous plane of the same material. That doesn’t exactly boost curb appeal. With the help of a simple border, you can make your driveway more dynamic and visually appealing.

If you want an even bigger boost, you may consider an entire paver driveway! It’s The Brick Guys offers professional brick paving, along with a variety of other hardscaping services. Reach out today to schedule your free estimate.

Define the Edges for More Efficient Parking

It’s not always easy to see the edges of a driveway, especially late at night. Driveway edging provides a definitive border that you can clearly see throughout the day. This can help anyone park more efficiently in your driveway, whether it’s a teenager learning to drive or guests navigating the property.

Create a Distinct Border for Brick Pavers

Brick pavers look a little odd if they just…end. They need something to define the exterior and make them look complete. This is similar to border tile along a backsplash. It creates trim that makes everything look more polished. Driveway edging is crucial to brick paver driveways, but it can work well for almost any material.

Get Custom Driveway Edging from It’s The Brick Guys

Now that you know the benefits of driveway edging, it’s time to explore your options. We would be happy to visit your property and evaluate which type of edging would be best for your goals. From there, you can get a custom quote that highlights the scope of the project. Most people are surprised to learn just how affordable driveway edging can be!

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