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Amplify Your Curb Appeal with Custom Porch Columns

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Do your porch columns look plain, boring, or disproportionate to the rest of your façade? This is a common problem with older homes or builder-grade homes with basic materials. The good news is, you can achieve a completely custom look without demolition and costly remodeling. Here are some design ideas for custom porch columns.

Wrap Your Porch Columns with Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is an excellent way to customize your curb appeal. You can use it on a variety of surfaces, from your garage to your bay windows to your porch columns. If your curb appeal lacks texture and visual interest, stone veneer can make the home look more expensive. The best news is, cultured stone is surprisingly affordable!

Manufactured stone veneer has an 89% return on investment in the Metro Detroit area, not taking into account how the boosted curb appeal could speed up the sale of your home. This is an excellent option for a variety of home styles, and It’s The Brick Guys can get the job done right. Learn more about our Cultured Stone Services.

Increase the Size of Your Porch Columns

If your porch columns are standard 4×4 wood posts, they may look small compared to other parts of the façade. You can trim out these posts to look larger and create a better balance for your curb appeal. There are many different styles of porch columns, and they each come with their own perks. You simply need to select the trim style that fits your home the best.

Beef up the Base of the Columns

If you don’t want to make the entire porch column bigger, you can add to the base of them instead. Many homeowners like a tapered look for their columns, with a small top that gradually slopes towards a larger base.

To take this idea one step further, you could have a solid color on the top of your porch columns and cultured stone on the thicker base. If you have stone veneer foundation wrap along the bottom of your home, this could tie the whole look together.

Add Corbels to the Top of Your Porch Columns

Corbels are decorative brackets that can be used throughout your home. From interior columns to exterior gables, corbels add visual interest to corners. You can surround the tops of your porch columns with corbels to give them a designer touch.

Corbels come in almost every design imaginable, so you can get a look that perfectly fits your aesthetic.

Create a Balance of Color throughout Your Façade

The best way to boost curb appeal is to create a balanced color scheme on your home’s façade. Even if you can’t modify your porch columns, you may be able to paint them a color to match your shutters, trim, windows, and other features.

Take a photo of the front of your house, and analyze the colors. What’s missing and what do you have too much of? Would a pop of white make the siding stand out more? How would wood accents impact the curb appeal?

Use the basic photo editor on your phone to doodle different color options. It doesn’t have to be fancy or precise. This will help you visualize the changes so you can make an informed design decision.