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Brick Repair in Macomb MI


Looking for an insured Michigan builder that offers brick repair in Macomb MI? If so, you’ve come to the right place! It’s The Brick Guys is licensed, insured and experienced. Our bricklayers work directly for us, so you never have to worry about sub-par work from inexperienced subcontractors. Some of our most sought after services include:

  • Quality Brick Restoration and Dependable Brick Repair in Macomb MI
  • Brick Installation and Strategic Brick Replacement
  • Brick Paver Repair – Leveling, Sanding and Resetting the Paver Structure
  • Custom Paver Driveways, Walking Paths, Approaches and Hardscapes
  • Chimney Repair Pertaining to the Bricks around the Chimney
  • Professional Brick Paving Designed to Last
  • Brick Inspections and Free Estimates from Licensed Bricklayers near You

To schedule your brick repair quote, contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257.

Do Your Bricks Need Repair? Watch for These Warning Signs

Brick structures can stand the test of time, but they aren’t immune to damage. If you catch the damage early on, you can reduce the cost of brick repair. This also reduces the time needed to complete the repair, which will better suit your busy schedule. Reach out right away if you notice these issues:

  • Brick Walls Bowing, Leaning or Falling apart
  • Cracks in the Brick and/or Mortar
  • Brick Spalling and Flaking
  • Efflorescence (White on the outside of the Brick, Indicating Excess Moisture)
  • Issues with Materials Around the Brick, Such as the Roofing, Concrete Steps or Planter Boxes
  • Uneven Pavers That Have Turned into a Trip Hazard

Contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257 to schedule your no-obligation consultation for brick repair.

How Often Should Bricks Be Repointed?

Bricks can last for over 100 years with proper care, but the mortar surrounding them is more susceptible to damage. In fact, mortar may only last 25-30 years before it needs to be replaced or repaired. Repointing is the process of removing the old mortar on the surface and replacing it with fresh mortar. The new mortar creates a seal around the bricks and provides a firm support for decades to follow. Proactive and routine repointing can keep your brick building in premium condition, regardless of its age or location.

If Your Bricks Are Crumbling or Damaged, Contact Us to Get a Quote for Brick Repair in Macomb MI | (833) 627-4257