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Wood Deck vs. Paver Patio – Which One Is Better?

If you want an outdoor entertainment space, there are several ways to go about designing it. Two of the most popular options are wood decks and paver patios, and they both have their pros and cons. In this guide, we’ll compare features of a wood deck vs. paver patio to help you choose the right option for your home.

Cost of Wood Deck vs. Paver Patio

The cost of a deck or paver patio will vary considerably. This is because the pricing is based on the size of the patio, the amount of work required for installation, the types of materials used, and other factors. If you need multiple footings for a raised wood deck, that may cost more than a simple paver patio. However, if sloped land requires extensive excavation for a paver patio, that may cost a bit more in the end.

In an apples to apples comparison, most paver patios are less expensive than wood decks or comparable in price. Brick paving is also easier to repair, replace and maintain than wood decking, so you’ll get more from your investment by opting for a paver patio.

Installation Time for Decks vs. Patios

Installation time also depends on several factors, mostly in regards to the land the patio is being installed over. If it is mostly flat, the installation time will be relatively minimal. If the land slopes or has a lot of landscaping that needs to be removed, the prep time for either option could add up.

Also keep in mind that many areas require building permits for decks, but they do not require the same for paver patios. This is because a deck is installed to the house, while a paver patio acts more like a slab of concrete on the property. The code requirements in your area could greatly impact installation times.

Durability and Maintenance of Wood Decks and Paver Patios

Brick pavers are considerably more durable than wood. You can extend the life of a wood deck by choosing high-end materials and staining/sealing every few years, but that’s going to add to your overall costs. Wood is subject to warping, rotting, and pest infestations. Pavers are not.

With regards to maintaining a paver patio, the pavers themselves will stand the test of time. As the ground shifts and settles below the pavers, you may have to relevel and resand the patio. You won’t spend much on new materials because the pavers themselves will last for decades. Paver patios are considered easier to maintain than wood decks.

Should I Get a Wood Deck or a Paver Patio?

The choice between a wood deck vs. a paver patio comes down to cost, function and aesthetics. Establish a budget for your outdoor expansion, and then compare the costs of a wood deck vs. paver patio. Also think about the function you want it to serve and how that impacts the design. In most cases, paver patios look better, last longer, and provide a bigger return on investment. You’ll have to decide if that is the case for your outdoor project.

The hardscaping experts here at It’s The Brick Guys are available to guide you through the process. We can design a custom paver patio for your property and then bring that vision to life. Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to plan out your outdoor oasis.