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Why It’s Important to Seal Cracked Brick Joints

If you notice cracks along your brick joints, get them sealed as soon as possible. Bricks are designed to protect your home from rain, wind, pests, and other issues. They can’t do that when their structural stability is compromised. Here are some reasons why you should seal cracked brick joints and what you can do to protect your masonry in the future.

Water Infiltration and the Damage That Follows

Water infiltration is one of the biggest issues that can come from cracked mortar. Water may not seem significant at first, but it can gradually erode your brickwork. Consider how water on the beach wears the rocks along the shoreline. The same can happen to vulnerable masonry on your property.

Trapped water behind your bricks can also create mold, rot, warping, and other issues that become far more costly to repair. Taking care of the cracks now can save you a hefty bill in the future.

Mortar Provides Structural Stability for Your Bricks

Mortar is naturally more porous than bricks, so it tends to wear down faster. Bricks can last 100 years with minimal maintenance, but some mortar only has a lifespan of 25 years. The mortar creates a seal around your bricks and stabilizes the structure as a whole. If the mortar is worn, the bricks may shift with time.

The good news is that you can replace worn mortar without having to redo the masonry in most cases. It’s The Brick Guys offers tuckpointing and repointing services. We’ll clear out the old mortar and install fresh, color-matched mortar in its place.

How to Seal and Protect Your Brick Joints

Before you seal your brick joints, you may need to see if there are other issues at play. Is there cracking throughout that may indicate a foundation issue? Is your mortar relatively new and already wearing away? That may be an indication of improper installation or insufficient curing time. If there is a bigger problem going on at the root, address that before sealing your brick joints.

Monitor your bricks periodically to notice signs of shifting. If you see small cracks in your mortar joints, you may be able to use exterior caulking to fill that in. For moderate brick joint cracks, consider having your mortar repointed by a professional. The experts here at It’s The Brick Guys would be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to get started.