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What Is Verazzo Stone?

Verazzo stone is a versatile, durable, and beautiful material for retaining walls and hardscaping features. This is one of our favorite products to use here at It’s The Brick Guys because of its unique properties. If you’ve never heard of Verazzo before or you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you, check out this helpful guide.

What Are Verazzo Stone Blocks?

Verazzo is a brand of 6 inch tall stone blocks that are tapered on the sides. The tapered design makes it easy for landscapers and hardscapers to create curved walls and circular outdoor features. Verazzo comes in three difference sizes for maximum versatility, and it has a neutral color scheme that fits with most exteriors.

What Is Verazzo Stone Used for?

Verazzo stone is most commonly used for retaining walls, but it can also be used for fire pits, outdoor seating, columns and other features. The blocks are typically staggered for stability, and they come in varying shades of beige and grey.

Some retaining walls are decorative and used to break up the landscaping. Others serve a functional purpose, either to hold back dirt or to create a path for drainage. Verazzo blocks can fit any of these scenarios without any sacrifice to appearance.

Advantages of Verazzo Blocks over Traditional Retaining Wall Blocks

What makes Verazzo different than traditional retaining wall blocks? Both products are similar dimensions, and they both have angled sides. However, Verazzo has strategically-placed pin holes in their bricks that allow for different configurations.

The pin holes serve several purposes. They provide a place for reinforcing bars, and they ensure consistent spacing throughout the retaining wall. There are multiple hole placements in each block, so the blocks can be set back with the same lip all around. Not only does this make a cleaner, more professional look, but it also prevents future shifting.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Space with Verazzo or Brick Paving

It’s The Brick Guys offers Verazzo stone installation in Clinton Township MI and surrounding communities. We also provide brick paving services, including patios, driveways, porches, walkways and beyond. Our professionals can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. You can count on our top-quality materials and exquisite craftmanship.

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