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Should You Grout or Sand Patio Pavers?

When you think of brick, you think of mortar. The two go hand-in-hand. Mortar and grout may be common for indoor brick applications, but they aren’t ideal for most outdoor settings. Let’s compare grouting vs. sanding for patio pavers to determine which option is right for you.

Why Grout Isn’t Ideal for Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are subject to ground movement, water erosion, UV rays, and other factors that aren’t common indoors. They substance between them needs to be able to divert water quickly and avoid staining from constant debris exposure.

Grout and mortar are rigid. They do not allow for the same amount of flex as paver sand. If the ground shifts below grouted pavers, the grout is liable to crack. If the ground shifts below sand, the sand will adjust accordingly.

What Is the Best Sand for Patio Pavers?

Polymeric sand is one of the best materials to put between patio pavers. Unlike standard sand, polymeric sand has polymers inside that activate when they get wet. These polymers create a grip that sets pavers in place, but the sand still allows water to flow through when it rains. Polymeric sand costs a bit more upfront than traditional sand, but it lasts significantly longer and can preserve the structural integrity of your patio.

How often Do You Have to Resand Patio Pavers?

There are several factors that influence how often you must resand patio pavers. If you use regular sand, you may find yourself resanding every two years. With polymeric sand and other materials that stand up well against erosion, you may not have to resand for 10+ years.

The weather in your area and the location of the pavers also play roles in longevity. A sloped driveway may be more subject to erosion than a flat patio. Pavers on a covered patio may be more stable than pavers without a cover. If you’ve seen a noticeable decline in the sand around your pavers, it may be time for a refresh.

In most cases, grouted paver patios require more maintenance than sanded patio pavers. This is because cracks in the grout or mortar aren’t easy to patch. With sand, you can simply refill the areas that have eroded with time. Mortar is solid, so it has to be completely removed and replaced after shifting.

When You Need Paver Resanding, Call on “It’s The Brick Guys”

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