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Pros and Cons of Cultured Stone

Cultured stone adds beautiful texture and dimension to vertical surfaces. You have likely seen cultured stone on siding, fireplaces, porch columns, and more. This versatile material comes in various colors, but it is not suitable for all projects. Check out the pros and cons of cultured stone to determine if it fits your home.

Cultured Stone vs. Natural Stone Veneer

Cultured stone is a manufactured product designed to look like natural stone. Comparably, natural stone veneer consists of thin slices of real stone arranged in a unique pattern. Natural stone is heavier and typically more expensive than cultured stone, but some homeowners prefer the look of natural materials over manufactured ones.

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Can Cultured Stone Be Used Inside and Outside?

Cultured stone is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Some products are strictly made for interior use, usually because it cannot withstand the weather. You should verify that the stone you’re using is weather-resistant before installing it outside. Your contractors can verify this for you if you’re using a cultured stone installation company like It’s The Brick Guys.

Pros of Cultured Stone

Cultured stone looks remarkably similar to natural stone. Many homeowners are unable to distinguish between the two materials in a store. You can choose from an assortment of colors, styles, and design patterns to find the best match for your aesthetic. Natural stone is limited to colors found in nature, but cultured stone is available in almost any color.

Because cultured stone weighs less than natural stone, it does not require as much support. This reduces installation times and material costs. Cultured stone may be more attainable than real stone veneer if you want to upgrade your exterior on a budget.

All stone veneer has the potential to boost your curb appeal or interior architectural interest. The unique patterns of the stone add texture, color, and contrast to the design. If your siding or interior surfaces lack visual intrigue, cultured stone could be a perfect fit for you.

Cons of Cultured Stone

Stone veneer is not a great option for exteriors that have other competing materials. A cultured stone accent wall may look busy if you already have bricks or multicolored features on your siding.

If you want cultured stone as a foundation wrap, you need a product that can withstand weed eater marks. Softer materials may chip when the weed eater string hits the siding. Upgrade to a more durable option for long-lasting beauty.

Cultured stone is a relatively timeless design option, but specific colors or shapes may go out of style. To combat this, choose neutral colors and square/rectangular stone shapes. These are the styles we see come back in fashion year after year, so you can rest assured that you’re making a wise investment.

It’s The Brick Guys Offers Cultured Stone Installation in Metro Detroit

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