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Pros and Cons of Black Pavers

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Color selection is important for any home project, whether you’re painting a wall in your house or redoing your brick patio. Black has become a popular choice for interior and exterior home accents, but is it a good choice for hardscaping? Let’s explore the pros and cons of black pavers to help you plan your hardscaping design.

PRO – Dynamic Color Contrast for Eye-Catching Hardscaping Designs

Black is the perfect color for bold borders and accents in your hardscape. Many of our clients choose black for their perimeter pavers to create a dynamic border around the surface. Then they fill the space with lighter pavers so their patio furniture can stand out. If you want a crisp border that beautifully caps off your hardscape, you can’t go wrong with black pavers.

CON – Potential Fading, Depending on Paver Material

Concrete pavers only have color on the surface. Black is particularly prone to sun fading, so black concrete pavers may appear grey over time. Clay brick pavers, by comparison, are colored through and through. Surface fading will not affect the appearance of the bricks because the color runs deep into the bricks. If you like the look of black pavers, choose quality materials that won’t fade.

PRO – Heat Absorption in the Winter

Black absorbs heat, which is great during the winter months. The pavers will naturally soak up the sun rays and help melt snow and ice. This effect only lasts until the pavers are covered with snow. Then they become a blanket of white, just like everything else on the property. Nevertheless, it can help the snow melt faster once the weather warms, and it can keep ice buildup to a minimum.

CON – Heat Absorption in the Summer

The beneficial heat absorption in the winter can be a detriment in the summer. Black pavers are going to feel warmer than lighter pavers, which is another reason why homeowners choose to use them on the borders of paved areas. You can get the bold look of black pavers without worrying about hot pavement in the summer. 

PRO – Neutral Color That Complements Most Exteriors

Black is a neutral color, so it works with most home exteriors. Because black is a trending color, you may already have other black accents on your home. Black gutters, black shutters, black furniture and black windows all look amazing with black pavers. This design element can establish a cohesive look for the entire exterior.

CON – Black Pavers Don’t Work for All Exteriors

Despite the versatility of black, it isn’t fit for all designs. If you have dark brown accents around your home instead of black, you may prefer brown pavers instead. The undertones in your exterior colors may coordinate better with a different shade, or they may look perfect with black! Consider all your design choices before selecting pavers for your property.

How to Choose the Right Paver Colors for Your Property

The best way to choose paver colors is to look at the colors already on your exterior. Do you have existing pavers that you love? Is there a color in your bricks you’d like to highlight? Do you need light pavers to brighten up your backyard, or dark pavers to anchor the space? Look for inspiration online or in your neighborhood to see how different pavers look on similar homes.

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