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Outdoor Living Upgrades to Spruce up Your Spring

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Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living spaces and take advantage of your property’s full potential. It’s The Brick Guys offers hardscaping and brick paving services to personalize your yard to fit your needs. Check out these outdoor living upgrades and start planning your spring projects!

Restore and Expand Your Brick Patio

If you have a brick patio that has shifted out of place, this would be a great time to restore and expand it. You can make use of your existing brick pavers and improve the function of your patio. Perhaps you need more room for outdoor seating, or you want an area large enough to put multiple grills/flattops on. Use the restoration project as an opportunity to make your patio the size and shape you want it to be.

Upgrade Your Garden Bed Edges with Coordinating Brick Pavers

Do you have bent metal around your garden bed? Has your garden edge disappeared, thus letting your mulch run loose into the yard? It’s time to update and fortify your garden edges with stones or pavers. This will not only make for a more stable border, but it will also enhance the look of anything you plant in the garden. Talk about the perfect spring project!

Add a Custom Firepit for Cool Evenings

Even in the heat of summer, evening temperatures in Detroit stay in the 60’s. You can enjoy a firepit in most seasons, and you might be surprised by how affordable they are to install. We use fire-rated materials for maximum safety, and we can coordinate your firepit design around the rest of your hardscaping.

Replace Sporadic Stepping Stones with Custom Walkways

If you have stepping stones sprinkled throughout your backyard, they may look sloppy or haphazard. A custom paver walkway could create the functional use you need with much better aesthetics. Once again, we can make your walkway coordinate with your patio, garden edges, or other features on the property to create a streamlined outdoor design.

Get a Quote for Your Outdoor Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading your outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless. We would love to go over your options in person and come up with a game plan for your spring outdoor spruce-up. Contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257 to schedule your outdoor living consultation. We look forward to helping you love your home even more!