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Outdoor Living Room Designs for Small Backyards

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Outdoor living rooms are here to stay. If you’ve debated whether or not to add a proper patio to your backyard, now is the time to do it. A staggering 62.2% of Americans say they spend more time outdoors now than they did before the pandemic. Consider this your sign to create the backyard of your dreams! Check out these outdoor living room design ideas for small backyards.

Determine the Balance of Landscaping vs. Hardscaping

Before you start your outdoor living room design, you need to plan how much space to dedicate to hardscaping and landscaping. Do you want the entire yard to be an outdoor living room, or do you want some grassy areas for gardening and pets? Do you want to have a 50/50 split between yard and patio, or is there a different proportion that fits your overall needs?

Consider how much room you want to commit to the outdoor living space so you can plan accordingly.

Keep the Living Room One Level, If Possible

Multiple levels break up an otherwise large area into small areas. This can make your already small space feel even smaller, and it may limit your furniture placement options. If you can keep the entire outdoor living area on one level, do so. That will maximize your use potential.

Create a Square or Rectangular Outdoor Living Room

Curves and circles look great on patios, but they aren’t always ideal from a functional standpoint. Rectangles and squares provide more flexibility for furniture, so you ca create a configuration that best utilizes the room available. If you have a curved area that naturally makes sense to fill in, go for it. If you’re designing a patio from scratch though, straight angles will work in your favor.

Put the Paved Area Close to the Back Door

From a function standpoint, try to put the outdoor living room close to the back door. Most people use their living space as a place to grill or dine outside. You’ll want a good flow of traffic in and out of the house to accommodate that. The closer the room is to the door, the more it feels like an extension of the house.

Use Your Fencing as a “Wall”

When you’re dealing with limited space, you have to use everything available to you. This means that your fencing may need to turn into “walls” for your outdoor living space. You can use the wall to put furniture against or mark where you want the end of the patio to go. You could also hang lighting, install decorations, or do anything you want with your fencing. The possibilities are endless.

Choose Solid-Colored or Monochromatic Pavers

Contrasting colors break the line of sight, which can make a small space feel…small. You want the opposite effect if you’re working with a small backyard. Using pavers that are all the same color or within a similar color pallet will create a smooth line of sight, guiding the eye across the patio and creating a sense of depth. Avoid multi-colored paver designs in favor of monochromatic ones if you want your outdoor living space to feel large.

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