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How to Utilize Extra Space in Your Backyard

Do you feel like your backyard is missing something? You have grass to mow and a yard for the kids to play in, but what about the rest of the space? What can you do with that untapped potential? These ideas will help you make the most of the extra room in your backyard.

Create an Outdoor Living Room You Can Use for Every Season

Studies show that homebuyers prefer patios and outdoor living rooms over open yards without those added features. You can create a custom outdoor living space that aligns with your lifestyle and takes advantage of your yard’s potential. A simple paver patio can add tons of usable square footage to your backyard, but you can amp that up with a firepit, outdoor fireplace, grilling station, and more. The experts here at It’s The Brick Guys can help you plan an outdoor makeover that perfectly fits your needs.

Add Raised Garden Beds with a Walking Path for Comfort

If you love gardening but hate the idea of bending over, you could install raised garden beds in your backyard. Add a walking path to the area so that you can easily transport wheelbarrows full of soil. This walking path will also make the garden feel like part of the property, and it will give you a solid surface to use on a rainy day.

Designate an Area for Outdoor Games

Do you like playing cornhole, mini golf, or backyard bowling? You can set up a flat part of your yard for outdoor games. Put a storage shed nearby to hold the games in between uses, and consider adding a border to distinguish this area from the rest of the yard. A simple paver border could make your yard more visually appealing without taking away from the open grass.

Expand Your Landings into Living Spaces

Many homes have a side door with a small, basic landing. This is required for certain city building codes, but it doesn’t fully utilize your outdoor space. You could convert these small landings into larger patios to add function to your property. You might even be able to connect the landings with other outdoor spaces to make your exterior feel like one cohesive space.

Choose the Right Crew to Get the Job Done

No matter what you choose to do in your backyard, you need the right people to bring your vision to life. It’s The Brick Guys has years of experience installing bricks, pavers, and other hardscapes. We understand the soil content and climate in Southeast Michigan, so we can create an outdoor space that’s made to last. Give us a call at(833) 627-4257 to schedule a brick paving consultation. We look forward to helping you transform your property for the better!