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How to Safely Clean Your Brick Patio

You spent a lot of money on your custom brick patio in Michigan: it’s understandable you want to keep it looking its best for many years to come. However, like any other material and any other exterior surface, brick patios get dirty. From stains and bird droppings to dirt and algae, many substances can mar your brick patio over time that will require cleaning. But how can you safely clean your patio without causing harm?

Sweep Off Loose Debris

The first step is to sweep or blow off any loose dirt and debris, such as surface dirt, twigs and leaves. If you spot weeds that have grown in the joints between pavers, pull them out or spray them with weed killer. Finish off with another sweep to remove dead plant material or loose soil.

Gather Your Cleaning Solutions

It’s best to ask your brick contractors in Royal Oak which cleaning solutions they recommend before you tackle this project so you don’t harm the bricks.

It’s best to start with hot water and mild dish soap. This gentle combination won’t damage brick, but it can get out stains and dirt. Alternatively, you could try a mixture of white vinegar and water for mildew stains. If your pavers have greenish or blackish moss or lichen due to constantly shady conditions, use a mixture of bleach and water.

If you decide to go with a commercial cleaner, make sure you look for a brick-friendly product that can remove oil, rust, or grease. Stay away from harsh, acidic cleaners which may damage patios with polymeric sand-filled joints or joint sand stabilizers.

Whatever you choose, start in an out-of-the-way area, such as under the table, to test out the solution. Allow to dry. If all looks well, proceed to the rest of the patio.

Wet the Bricks

Spray the area with water to reduce the bricks’ absorption rate so the cleaning solution will remain on the surface longer to more effectively break down grime.

Apply Cleaning Solution

There are many ways you can apply the cleaning solution: with a brush or sponge and bucket, watering can, or handheld sprayer. Let the solution sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt. Then, scrub the bricks with a stiff-bristle brush to get off the dirt, being careful not to remove the sand in between the pavers. Avoid the use of steel brushes to prevent scratching.

If your brick patio is relatively new, you can use a pressure washer on a low setting, but avoid this if your brick has old or damaged mortar.

Rinse and Allow to Dry

After cleaning your brick pavers, rinse them off with a garden hose or low-pressure power washer (just don’t aim it between the bricks). Do not let water sit on the patio after rinsing. Instead, sweep off accumulating water.

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