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How to Design a Pet-Friendly Paver Patio

Your pets are an active part of your life. They go where you go, even if it’s only to the backyard. If you’re redesigning or expanding your patio, you may want to plan around your pets. Here are some tips for designing a pet-friendly patio.

Use Shallow Patio Steps, If Possible

As your pets get older, they may have a harder time getting up and down steps. You may feel the same way as you age, so you might as well plan ahead! Shallow patio steps create a gradual transition that you and your pets can safely walk across. This is one of the first things we take into consideration when planning a patio design.

Designate a Shaded Area for Hot Days

Paver patios can get hot in the summer, just like concrete and other hardscaping materials. If your cat or dog is going to spend an extensive stretch of time outside, shade is a must. This creates a cool zone on the patio and limits heat on the pavers. A simple awning, umbrella, gazebo or canopy may be all you need to make your patio more pet-friendly.

Install Safety Railings around Raised Areas

If there is an area of the patio that is raised higher than the space around it, add railings to protect your pets from falling off. This may be a building code in your area, but even if it’s not, it’s worth doing. The safety rails define the border of the patio and reduce trip and fall hazards.

Add Patio Furniture for Your Pets to Lounge on

This is something you may plan after your patio design is complete, but you could think about it in the early stages. Add furniture on your patio specifically for your pets to lounge on. There are many patio furniture pieces made for cats and dogs, if you do not want them to use your outdoor seating. You can put this furniture is in the shaded part of the patio on hot days, and you can leave it out for sunbathing on cooler days.

Confirm All Plants Are Pet Safe before Putting Them around Your Patio

If you’re going to add planters or landscaping around your patio, confirm that the plants are pet safe. Some plants are toxic to cats and dogs, but many are completely safe to use. Also be mindful of the planters on the patio, in case your cat or dog knocks them over. They should be heavy enough to stand up against a happy tail wag or mischievous paw swipe.

Get a Custom Patio Design from It’s The Brick Guys

The talented bricklayers here at It’s The Brick Guys would be happy to design a pet-friendly patio for your property. We specialize in providing custom paver solutions for each family’s unique needs. Whether you want a small “catio” for your feline or an outdoor entertainer’s paradise, we’ve got the skills to make that happen. Call (833) 627-4257 to schedule a patio quote.