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How to Clean Brick Pavers

Are your brick pavers looking dull and dirty? You might be surprised by how easy they are to clean! We recommend incorporating brick paver cleaning into your outdoor fall maintenance, but you may want to do this a few times a year. Read on to learn how to clean brick pavers.

Sweep Brick Pavers Periodically

Sweep your brick pavers about once a month to get rid of surface dirt and debris. You may need to do this more often if the pavers are in a high-traffic area or around shedding trees/shrubs. You can use a leaf blower in the fall to blast leaf piles away. Just make sure you pick up leaves around your fence line to protect your fence from moisture damage.

Create a Cleaning Solution to Scrub Your Pavers

You can purchase special cleaning products designed for brick pavers, but there are DIY mixtures that work just as well. For example, you could combine warm water and mild dish soap to scrub stains and stuck-on dirt. Pour the solution over a section of the pavers and use a wide broom to distribute it. Rinse with water once you’re finished scrubbing, and repeat as necessary.

White vinegar is an effective cleaner for mildew on brick pavers. Test the cleaner on a small patch if you’re worried about staining. These solutions are safe to use on most stones and pavers.

You could do this once per month or quarter, depending on how dirty your pavers get. If you rarely walk on your pavers, you may only need to scrub them once or twice a year.

Pressure Wash and Resand Once a Year

Pressure washing can blast away set-in dirt and debris. It can also blow out the sand between your pavers, so we do not recommend pressure washing for monthly cleaning. Plan to pressure wash your pavers annually or semi-annually. Apply new sand when you’re finished to block weeds and prevent the pavers from shifting.

Address the Source of Recurring Issues (Weeds, Overhanging Branches, etc.)

Weeds, tree sap, ant hills, and other irritants can create recurring cleaning hurdles. Address those now to save some time in the future. Perhaps you need a better weed barrier around your pavers, or maybe you need a different type of sand for the joints. Trim back overhanging tree branches and overgrown landscaping in the area. Find targeted solutions for the specific issues you’re facing.

Get Paver Restoration to Make Your Brick Pavers Look Like New

No matter how well you clean your brick pavers, they will eventually shift out of place. The good news is that they can be reset, releveled, and resanded. You do not need all-new brick pavers to get the look of a new paved area.

It’s The Brick Guys offers brick paver restoration, as well as new brick paving and durable masonry repair. Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to schedule a free estimate and preserve your brick pavers for years to come.