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How to Blend Old and New Bricks

Are you worried that your brick repairs will look noticeable? Have you seen patchwork where it’s obvious that there’s new brick mixed with old? Our goal with any brick restoration project is to make the materials flow seamlessly together. Let’s explore some industry secrets highlighting how to blend old and new bricks.

Factors That Impact Brick Matching

Any quality masonry company will tell you that brick matching is an art form. It’s not as simple as choosing bricks in a similar color pattern. Every batch and era of brick is completely unique.

When we look for matching materials for brick repairs, we consider these factors:

  • When the existing bricks were installed
  • The color, size, shape, and texture of the bricks
  • Sun exposure and other elements that may have changed the color of your bricks
  • Where the bricks were likely manufactured
  • Changes for that brick style over time (similar to how car models change every few years)

Our bricklayers will source from multiple suppliers to find the closest possible match for your bricks. We have years of brick-matching experience and are familiar with popular materials in the Metro Detroit area. Rest assured that you will get the best brick match available for your home.

The Mortar Is Just as Important as the Bricks

Choosing the right mortar can make or break a brick repair. If the new mortar is the wrong color or texture, it’s going to create glaringly new joint lines. This is why we do not recommend trying to repair mortar yourself in most cases. What seems like a good fix may actually make the problem more apparent.

What to Do If You Can’t Find Matching Bricks

There are situations where a perfect match simply isn’t available. The older a building is, the harder it is to find matching bricks.

Under these circumstances, we will lay out different options for the property to choose from. We could use completely new bricks in a complementary style to create a design that looks intentional. We could rebuild the structure, which is what many people choose for a chimney or porch. We could disregard color and patch the bricks with a similar texture/size. That would be wise if your long-term intention is to paint the bricks.

In the end, you will be empowered to make an informed decision about brick restoration.

It’s The Brick Guys Offers Seamless Brick Repair Services

Bricks are our passion! It’s The Brick Guys has a team of experts who love matching bricks for repairs. We think of it like a treasure hunt, and we’re always elated when we find the perfect fit for a property. If you’d like a quote for brick repair or brick restoration, please contact us at (833) 627-4257.