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How Do You Fix Cracked Chimney Mortar?

The mortar around your chimney isn’t just decorative. It acts as a support system for the bricks and it seals the edges for maximum protection. Unfortunately, mortar wears down much faster than bricks do. Thus it has to be replaced every so often. The guide below explains how we fix cracked chimney mortar so you know what to expect moving forward.

The Average Lifespan of Chimney Mortar

Bricks can last 100 years or more, but mortar is likely to last about 25 years. If you purchase an older home with a brick chimney, chances are its mortar is past its prime. Chimneys are susceptible to more damage than siding and other brick structures because they are not covered by roofing. As a result, the mortar on your chimney may need to be replaced faster than other mortar on the property.

Also keep in mind the stress Michigan’s winters put on construction materials. The freeze thaw cycle causes the materials to expand and contract repeatedly throughout the year. This leads to cracking, water infiltration, and a range of issues. Proactive repointing can minimize these risks and protect your chimney from structural damage.

Get Routine Chimney Inspections to Catch Issues Early on

If you can catch mortar cracks early on, your repair costs will go down tremendously. This also ensures that you address problems at the first signs, before they have widespread impact. We recommend scheduling routine chimney inspections, along with brick siding inspections. Complete necessary repairs as they arise to protect your property.

How to Fix Cracks in Chimney Mortar

Here is an overview of how we fix cracks in chimney mortar:

  1. Inspect the mortar to assess the cause of the cracking
  2. Create a plan to address the root issue (foundation problems, general wear, improper construction, etc.)
  3. Remove the exterior layer of mortar using specialty tools and equipment. This is where the cracks are most likely to occur.
  4. Replace the old mortar with new, color-matched mortar to create a fresh seal around the bricks.

The new mortar should last for decades, unless there are underlying issues that haven’t been addressed. This is why we do a thorough inspection, to make sure the base problems get fixed before the mortar gets replaced.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection or Mortar Repair

If you’re in need of mortar repair in Metro Detroit MI, reach out to It’s The Brick Guys. We service many communities in Southeast Michigan, and we specialize in brick restoration, masonry repair and mortar repointing. Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to get started.