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Enhance Your Curb Appeal with a Custom Front Patio

Feel like your home is missing something? Want to jazz up your curb appeal without major reconstruction? A front patio may be the perfect way to reach your goals. It’s The Brick Guys specializes in paver patios, brick walkways, and other hardscaping services. Read on to learn how to design a custom front patio.

How to Design the Perfect Front Patio

A front patio should look like an extension of the rest of the house. Even if you add it long after your house is constructed, the patio should blend seamlessly with the rest of your curb appeal. Here are some tips for front patio designs:

  • Think of how you want the patio to function first. Do you want outdoor seating, or is this mostly a place for decorations? Do you want a bench, table, outdoor swing, rocking chair…? Approach the design with the function in mind.
  • Choose materials that complement your home’s façade. You don’t have to choose perfectly matching materials, but they should go together. For instance, if the bricks on your house are mostly red and brown, you could pull from those colors to select patio materials.
  • Consider how your landscaping will impact the front patio. Do you have landscaping features that will block the view to the patio? Are there landscaping elements that may affect placement? If you need to adjust the landscaping for a front patio, add that into your timing and cost estimates.
  • Add to your existing patio or replace it completely. If your existing patio is in good shape, you may be able to expand it with strategically-placed pavers. If it is mismatched, cracked, or broken beyond repair, you may be better off replacing it entirely.
  • Look at comparable houses in the neighborhood. Do they have large front patios or small seating areas? Know what’s expected in your neighborhood so you can design accordingly.
  • Add a decorative border for visual contrast. This is an easy way to define your front patio and walkway while enhancing your curb appeal.
  • Work with experienced front patio installers. This will ensure that your front patio is designed to last and that you’re getting the best results possible. It’s The Brick Guys is licensed, insured, experienced, HomeAdvisor approved, and ready to transform your front patio.

Will a Front Patio Increase My Property Value?

A custom front patio could add to your property value. If it improves your curb appeal, it will attract more potential buyers and show that your home is well care for. Clean up the rest of the front-facing elements, such as your siding, windows and gutters. This will maximize the return you get when you go to sell your home.

Note that if you’re adding a patio for the sake of selling, there may be other investments with a higher return. For instance, if your driveway is cracked and stained, you may be better off investing in driveway repair or replacement. Prioritize the necessary spending first, then consider these extra options.

How to Dress up Your Front Patio

Once you have the foundation of your front patio, you can play around with accessories. Add pops of color with outdoor cushions, signs and potted plants. Choose landscaping features that draw the eye to the front patio and showcase the design. If you have a curve in the patio design, use other curved elements that play into that. There is no limit to the design potential of a front patio, so feel free to make it your own!

To schedule a consultation for front patio design and installation, contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257.