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Check out This 50-Year-Old Brick Paver Restoration from ITBG!

Did you know that brick pavers can last for decades? You can use them for almost any exterior surface, ranging from walkways to driveways and beyond. It’s The Brick Guys restored a paver patio that was originally installed in 1974! We were able to bring out their original beauty and get them set for decades of future use.

We Specialize in Brick Paver Restoration

For this project, we cleaned and releveled the original brick pavers and added new sand between the joints. We installed a beautiful paver border to the edges to add some dimension to the patio design. Simple touches like this can make old pavers look brand new!

  • Make the Most of the Existing Materials on Your Property with Quality Brick Paver Restoration
  • Eliminate Trip and Fall Hazards from Uneven Bricks
  • Expand Your Paver Patio or Add a Decorative Border
  • Revitalize Worn Pavers with Professional Cleaning and Sealing
  • Add Complementary Pavers to Other Areas of the Property for Extra Walking or Seating Spaces
  • Work with Licensed and Insured Brick Pavers Who Are Passionate about Masonry and Hardscaping

Brick restoration isn’t just for old pavers. You may have a brick paving project from several years ago that someone didn’t do properly. Our experts can assess the situation and recommend a personalized plan for restoration. Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to get started.

A Testament to Brick Pavers – Less Expensive Than Concrete over Time

This project clearly shows how reliable brick pavers can be. Every patio and driveway settles over time. If it’s made with concrete, the concrete cracks. If it’s made with pavers, the pavers will become uneven or form gaps between the joints.

The only way to repair most cracked concrete is to rip it out and replace it. With brick pavers, you can adjust the foundation and reuse most of the same materials. Brick pavers cost less than concrete over time because they can be used for decades. It’s The Brick Guys uses top-quality pavers from Fendt to ensure our paving projects can stand up to the elements. Best of all, they’re made right here in Michigan!

How to Maintain Your Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are relatively low maintenance compared to other outdoor materials. Sweep and spray them clean on occasion, and top off the sand between the joints. If you have issues with grass or weeds growing between the pavers, you probably don’t have a thick enough layer of sand. When the pavers shift out of place or become uneven, contact It’s The Brick Guys to set up your restoration project.