Concrete vs. Brick Porch Steps

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Brick Paver Steps

Are you rebuilding your porch or designing a porch for a new construction home? If so, you have several materials to choose from. Each option has pros and cons, and understanding those differences will help you make an informed home renovation plan. Read on to compare concrete porch steps and brick porch steps. Factors to … Read more

New and Old Brick Blending

Are you worried that your brick repairs will look noticeable? Have you seen patchwork where it’s obvious that there’s new brick mixed with old? Our goal with any brick restoration project is to make the materials flow seamlessly together. Let’s explore some industry secrets highlighting how to blend old and new bricks. Factors That Impact … Read more

Bricks with Holes

Have you ever noticed that some bricks have three holes in them? You may not think much of it, but this unique design has an equally unique purpose. Here at It’s The Brick Guys, we’re what you call “brick experts.” We love to learn about why bricks are made the way they are because that … Read more

Clean Brick Paver Walkway on Sunny Day

Are your brick pavers looking dull and dirty? You might be surprised by how easy they are to clean! We recommend incorporating brick paver cleaning into your outdoor fall maintenance, but you may want to do this a few times a year. Read on to learn how to clean brick pavers. Sweep Brick Pavers Periodically … Read more

Pros & Cons Cultured Stone Background

Cultured stone adds beautiful texture and dimension to vertical surfaces. You have likely seen cultured stone on siding, fireplaces, porch columns, and more. This versatile material comes in various colors, but it is not suitable for all projects. Check out the pros and cons of cultured stone to determine if it fits your home. Cultured … Read more

Closeup of Weeds in Brick Pavers

Tired of seeing weeds on your patio? Does it feel like you’re constantly pulling weeds and grass out from between the pavers? Here are some tips to get rid of the current weeds and stop new ones from growing. Why Do Weeds Grow between Pavers? The best way to resolve a problem is to pinpoint … Read more

Painting Brick Closeup

Painted brick homes are pretty and trendy. They’ve been featured on countless interior design shows, and you’ve likely seen some in your neighborhood. Before you commit to painting your bricks, beware of potential maintenance issues. Brick repair gets much harder with paint in the way. Painted Brick Is Difficult to Repair Tuckpointing is a common … Read more

Outdoor Area for Relaxing

Outdoor living rooms are here to stay. If you’ve debated whether or not to add a proper patio to your backyard, now is the time to do it. A staggering 62.2% of Americans say they spend more time outdoors now than they did before the pandemic. Consider this your sign to create the backyard of … Read more

Quiet Front Porch Setting With Small Table And Two Arm Chairs

Not sure if you should add a front porch to your property or expand the porch you already have? Debating whether to upgrade your porch before you sell your home? You have to weigh the pros and cons for any home investment, whether it’s a simple mailbox replacement or a brand new driveway. Let’s figure … Read more

Close-up of a construction worker's gloved hands laying outdoor paving slabs on a prepared foundation on a summer sunny day, focus on a construction paving hammer

Landscaping blocks are often used for retaining walls, planter boxes, tree rings and other forms of hardscaping. They may look glued together at first glance, but the reality is, most are not adhered in that way. In this guide, we’ll explain how landscaping blocks are installed to give you a better understanding of the process. … Read more