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Why It’s Important to Seal Cracked Brick Joints

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Closeup of Cracked Bricks

If you notice cracks along your brick joints, get them sealed as soon as possible. Bricks are designed to protect your home from rain, wind, pests, and other issues. They can’t do that when their structural stability is compromised. Here are some reasons why you should seal cracked brick joints and what you can do … Read more

Brick House

If you’re building a house or want to make a smart decision for your next home purchase, you may wonder how brick siding affects your home’s value. Are brick houses worth more money? Do brick houses tend to sell for more money than vinyl or wood houses? Let’s discuss the different factors you should consider … Read more

Friends in Backyard

Do you feel like your backyard is missing something? You have grass to mow and a yard for the kids to play in, but what about the rest of the space? What can you do with that untapped potential? These ideas will help you make the most of the extra room in your backyard. Create … Read more

Hardscaping with brick pavers and flowers

You’ve browsed the internet for outdoor makeover ideas, and you keep seeing the word “hardscaping” pop up in your search results. Now you’re wondering, “What is hardscaping?” and how you can use it to beautify your property. Check out this quick guide from It’s The Brick Guys to plan your outdoor renovation. The Basic Definition … Read more

Can Paving Bricks Hold a Car?

If you want to expand or replace your driveway, you may be comparing brick pavers and concrete. Brick pavers are beautiful and durable, but can they stand up to the weight of a vehicle? We’ll give you the info you need to make a decision about your driveway makeover. Paving Bricks Can Support the Weight … Read more

Ladder Against House with Brick

Brick siding is beautiful, durable, and timeless. It can withstand hefty abuse from Mother Nature and protect your belongings within. Nevertheless, it’s important to maintain your brick siding if you want to continue benefiting from it. These brick maintenance tips from It’s The Brick Guys will help you keep your siding in tip-top shape. Clean … Read more

Cracked Brick Closeup

Some brick cracks are concerning, while others are basic wear-and-tear. If you’re unhappy with the look of your bricks, you may be tempted to paint them to hide the blemishes. Before you get your paint roller wet, we want to explain the pros and cons of painting over cracked bricks. Check out this guide from … Read more

Before and After Brick Paver Restoration

Did you know that brick pavers can last for decades? You can use them for almost any exterior surface, ranging from walkways to driveways and beyond. It’s The Brick Guys restored a paver patio that was originally installed in 1974! We were able to bring out their original beauty and get them set for decades … Read more

Brick Paver Steps

Are you rebuilding your porch or designing a porch for a new construction home? If so, you have several materials to choose from. Each option has pros and cons, and understanding those differences will help you make an informed home renovation plan. Read on to compare concrete porch steps and brick porch steps. Factors to … Read more

New and Old Brick Blending

Are you worried that your brick repairs will look noticeable? Have you seen patchwork where it’s obvious that there’s new brick mixed with old? Our goal with any brick restoration project is to make the materials flow seamlessly together. Let’s explore some industry secrets highlighting how to blend old and new bricks. Factors That Impact … Read more