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Can You Paint Over Cracked Bricks?

Some brick cracks are concerning, while others are basic wear-and-tear. If you’re unhappy with the look of your bricks, you may be tempted to paint them to hide the blemishes. Before you get your paint roller wet, we want to explain the pros and cons of painting over cracked bricks. Check out this guide from It’s The Brick Guys.

Address the Source of the Brick Cracks Before Covering Them

If there is an underlying issue causing your brick cracks, you need to resolve that before painting. Otherwise, your bricks are going to crack again, and the paint is going to highlight every imperfection. Perhaps the brick cracks are from seasonal freeze-thaw damage, or maybe they’re the result of foundation issues. You need to know that before painting over an ongoing issue.

You Can Paint Over Minor Brick Cracks

Paint could fill the gaps for minor brick cracks. If there are no serious issues to address, you can paint over the bricks and make the cracks disappear. You may need to go over certain areas a few times, but this is a viable option for certain brick cracks.

You May Need Mortar Repair for Large Brick Cracks

Tuckpointing or repointing is the ideal approach for larger brick cracks. These processes replace the worn mortar with fresh, color-matched mortar. That color-matched component is most important if you are planning to keep the bricks natural. If you want to paint them afterward, it may not matter how well the mortar blends together.

With this in mind, we want to highlight the benefits of keeping the bricks natural. Strategic brick restoration can make the brick cracks look like they were never there. This takes skill and precision, but it is achievable with the right team on your side. The specialists at It’s The Brick Guys offer brick crack repair, chimney masonry repair, tuckpointing, brick restoration, and other services.

Why It’s Not Ideal to Paint Over Bricks

Painted brick may look great at a quick glance, but it’s not always a good idea. Bricks need to be able to breathe. If moisture gets trapped behind your bricks, it can lead to a slew of issues below the surface. Paint creates a barrier over the bricks that may lead to more cracking or water damage later on. Think carefully before you commit to painting over your bricks.

Get Quality Brick Crack Repair from It’s The Brick Guys

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