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Can Paving Bricks Hold a Car?

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If you want to expand or replace your driveway, you may be comparing brick pavers and concrete. Brick pavers are beautiful and durable, but can they stand up to the weight of a vehicle? We’ll give you the info you need to make a decision about your driveway makeover.

Paving Bricks Can Support the Weight of a Car

Paving bricks are ideally suited to go under vehicles as long as they are installed correctly. The weight of the vehicle gets distributed across several pavers. It is not targeted to a single brick under each wheel.

Brick pavers are strong and dense. They have a porous surface that encourages rain runoff and evaporation, which protects you from falling on a slick driveway. The pavers may shift slightly as the ground moves beneath them, but they can be reset to look like new. Overall, paving bricks make for excellent driveway materials with long-lasting results.

How to Maintain a Brick Paver Driveway

Paver driveways are relatively low maintenance. You may want to scrub or pressure wash your pavers on occasion to remove surface grime, but the rain handles most of the cleaning. Brush new sand between the joints as needed to prevent weed growth and lock the pavers in place.

If your pavers shift out of place or become uneven, you can call on us for brick paver restoration. We’ll re-level the bricks, sand the joints, and take precautions to preserve your driveway. The good news is that you probably won’t need new paving bricks. We can reuse your existing materials to save you time and money. This is the primary advantage brick pavers have over concrete. Even if they cost more upfront, they come with much lower lifetime expenses.

Get a Quote for a Paver Driveway

Now that you know paving bricks can hold the weight of your car, it’s time to plan your custom paver driveway. It’s The Brick Guys offers premium paving services, including brick driveway installation and restoration. We can add a brick border to your existing concrete driveway or completely transform your property with a paver driveway. The possibilities are endless!

The first step in the journey is an in-person consultation. We’ll evaluate the scope of work to provide an accurate project estimate. Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to schedule your paver driveway quote or set up an appointment for brick paver restoration.