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Can a Retaining Wall Be Repaired?

Do you have a retaining wall that’s falling apart? Worried that the blocks are going to collapse at any minute? Not only is this an eyesore, but it can also be a safety concern. Thankfully, most retaining walls can be repaired, as long as you have reliable retaining wall contractors on hand to assist you.

Why Some Retaining Walls Fail

Retaining walls usually fail because they were not constructed properly, or they were not designed for the purpose they ended up serving. For instance, if a retaining wall is meant to control water but does not have a built-in drainage solution, it’s going to crumble under the pressure of the water. If a retaining wall doesn’t have the proper substrate, geo-grid or support structure to remain stable, it’s going to fail.

At It’s The Brick Guys, we take retaining wall construction seriously. We evaluate the purpose of the retaining wall and the elements that will impact it’s stability. Then we create a design that includes the right materials and instruction steps for the job. Rest assured that you’ll get a long-lasting retaining wall or a dependable retaining wall repair.

How to Repair a Retaining Wall

To repair a retaining wall, you first need to identify why it is falling apart. Did it experience an impact? Has water shifted the substrate over time? Are the retaining wall blocks spalling and crumbling? Determine the cause of the problem, and then find an appropriate solution.

Most retaining wall repairs include cleaning and resetting the blocks, but they may also require geo-grid installation, releveling, mortar repair, and other services. We can determine which steps are necessary for your retaining wall reset during your in-person consultation.

Get a Quote for Retaining Wall Repair from It’s The Brick Guys

Retaining wall repair is usually more affordable than getting a new retaining wall. The material costs are minimal. You’re mostly paying for the labor to reset the bricks. If you’d like a quote for retaining wall restoration or a brand new retaining wall on your property, contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257. We are proud to serve Metro Detroit and most communities in Southeast Michigan.