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Bricklayer in Utica MI

If you’re searching for a reliable bricklayer in Utica MI, look no further! It’s The Bick Guys has a whole crew of professionals here to assist you.

  • We Specialize in Brick Repair and Restoration
  • Color-Matched Mortar for Repointing, as Well as Carefully-Selected Replacement Bricks
  • Brick Driveways, Patios, Mailboxes, Driveway Skirting, Porches and Much More
  • Retaining Walls, Cultured Stone and Verazzo Stone Installation
  • Brick Chimney Repair and Chimney Reconstruction
  • Custom Fire Pits, Perfect for Your New Outdoor Kitchen
  • Full-Service Masonry from a Trusted Bricklayer in Utica MI

For more information about our brick repair and installation services, please call It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257.

Can You Repair Brick and Mortar?

You may not need to completely replace the brickwork on your property. If the bricks themselves are still in good shape, restoration may be a more affordable option for you. We’ll assess the source of the damage and then create a plan to restore the bricks to their former glory. This will likely include mortar replacement and strategic brick resetting, and our top-notch bricklayers have the tools to do just that.

Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to meet with a bricklayer in Utica MI.

You Will Be Amazed at These Before and After Brick Repair Photos

DIY Bricklaying vs. Hiring a Bricklayer in Utica MI

Is bricklaying something you can do yourself? Are you tempted to save some money with a little sweat equity?

While it is possible to handle some brickwork on your own, the fact is that this is just as much of an artform as it is a delicate science. Laying brick is about far more than adhering building blocks together. It requires specialized training, tools and experience to do correctly. Something as simple as the shape of the mortar joints can make a drastic impact on the longevity of your brickwork.

Here are some reasons to hire a professional bricklayer in Utica MI:

  • Avoid the Backbreaking Labor Associated with Bricklaying
  • Enjoy Total Peace of Mind – An Insured Bricklayer Will Accept All Liability in the Event of an Accident
  • Ensure That the Job Is Done Right the First Time
  • Get Proper Footing and Supports to Make Sure Your Bricks Last
  • Save a Ton of Money in the Long Run – 30% of Our Work Is Redoing Someone Else’s Bricklaying from 3-5 Years Ago!
  • Prevent Costly Mistakes That Are Easy to Make without Experience
  • Get Superior Craftsmanship and Materials from Our Licensed and Insured Bricklayers

If You Want to Work with a Top-Rated Bricklayer in Utica MI, Contact It’s The Brick Guys to Schedule a Quote | (833) 627-4257