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Brick Repair in Grosse Pointe MI


Worried about the safety of your bricks? Are uneven pavers causing trip hazards on your property? It’s The Brick Guys offers brick paver restoration and quality brick repair in Grosse Pointe MI. Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to schedule your consultation.

What Causes Brick Damage in the First Place?

Brick damage is often the result of aging, but there are other factors that play into it. For example, if your bricks were not installed properly, they may shift out of place in a short period of time. This accounts for about one third of the work we do – fixing issues some other brick company left behind. No worries though. It’s The Brick Guys has you covered!

  • Freeze Thaw Cycles Cause Construction Materials to Expand and Contract
  • Many Brick Repairs Don’t Involve the Bricks at All! Mortar Replacement Can Extend the Life of Your Masonry
  • Poor Installation Can Cause a Rapid Decline in Structural Integrity (30% of Our Work Is Fixing Other Contractors’ Mistakes)
  • Not All Bricks Are Made to Last a Lifetime
  • Foundation Settling and Soil Shifting below the Brick May Cause Damage with Time
  • Proactive Brick Repair Can Reduce These Issues and Protect against Future Damage

For more information about how brick repair works, contact our fully insured brick company: (833) 627-4257.

The Issue May Not Be Your Bricks at All! Consider Mortar Repointing

Many forms of brick repair don’t actually involve the bricks. Instead, they involve removing the surface layer of mortar around the bricks and replacing it with a precise color match. Mortar is weaker and more susceptible to damage. Replacing it creates a fresh seal around the bricks and prevents future damage from occurring. We’ll determine what type of brick repair you need during your consultation.

Hardscaping Services for Every Area of Your Property

A staggering 47% of homes in the Michigan area have patios, and that number increases every year. You may be missing out on a valuable addition to your property. Here are some ways It’s the Brick Guys can help you out:

  • Custom Patios That Add Usable Space to an Untapped Area of Your Property
  • Brick Porch Repair and New Porch Construction
  • Decorative and Functional Walkways Placed Exactly Where You Want Them
  • Jaw-Dropping Paver Driveways That Are Durable and Easy to Repair
  • Fire Pits Made with Top-of-the-Line Materials
  • Paver Restoration, Brick Repair and Chimney Repair
  • Brick Mailboxes and Other Unique Features

If You’re in Need of Reliable Brick Repair in Grosse Pointe MI, Contact It’s The Brick Guys to Schedule a Quote | (833) 627-4257