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Brick Repair in Royal Oak MI


If your bricks aren’t in the best shape, it’s important to act fast. Brick damage only gets worse with time, which will impact the cost and timeframe for repair. It’s The Brick Guys offers fast, affordable brick repair in Royal Oak MI. Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to schedule your free brick inspection.

Reasons to Get Brick Repair or Brick Restoration

If you landed on this page, chances are you need brick repair. Your bricks are noticeably damaged, and you just don’t know what to do about them. The sooner you act, the sooner your property will be protected. We have the tools and expertise to restore your brickwork and preserve its structural integrity.

  • Your Bricks Are Crumbling, Cracked or Visibly Damaged
  • The Mortar Is Cracking or Splitting
  • The Bricks Are Starting to Lean or Look Crooked
  • Pavers Are Unlevel and Uneven
  • You Just Bought a New Home and Want to Make Sure the Bricks Are in Good Shape
  • Get a Brick Inspection to See If Your Bricks Need Repair

To find out if brick repair is right for you, contact It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257/

Is Brick Repair Less Expensive Than Brick Replacement?

The cost of brick repair vs. brick replacement depends on many factors. Sometimes the labor required to preserve older brick outweighs the cost of new bricks. However, there are many instances where brick repair is indeed more affordable than brick replacement. It’s The Brick Guys will create a custom plan for your property and your budget.

Complete Brick Services with Dependable Quality and Commitment

Approximately 22% of homes have brick or brick veneer siding. That’s not counting the houses with brick driveways, brick patios, brick walkways, and other paved surfaces. If your home falls into this category, we likely have a service you can benefit from. Some of our most popular masonry services include:

  • Brick Installation and Replacement
  • Detailed Brick Inspections with Personalized Repair Recommendations
  • Brick and Chimney Repairs, Including Mortar Replacement and Repointing
  • Brick Paving and Paver Surface Restoration
  • Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits and Entertainment Areas
  • Gorgeous Brick Mailboxes and Driveways to Revitalize Your Curb Appeal
  • Cultured Stone, Verazzo Blocks and Specialty Brick Services

For More Information about Affordable Brick Repair in Royal Oak MI, Reach out to (833) 627-4257