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Brick Installation in Utica MI

Need reliable brickwork that isn’t going to shift in a few years? It’s The Brick Guys offers just that! Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless examples of poor craftsmanship that our crew has stepped in to fix. We hate seeing clients throw money down the drain with other brick companies, only to contact us to completely redo the project.

Get the job done right the first time with It’s The Brick Guys! We offer many forms of brick installation in Utica MI, including:

  • Brick Driveway and Brick Porch Installation
  • Paver Patios and Fire-Rated Fire Pits
  • Retaining Walls, Seating Areas, Garden Paths and Planter Boxes
  • Cultured Stone and Verazzo Stone Installations
  • Brick Repair for Chimneys, Brick Paving, Brick Siding and More
  • Professional Brick Inspections and Brick Installation in Utica MI

Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to schedule a quote or speak with one of our bricklayers.

You Will Be Amazed at These Before and After Brick Paving Photos

How Long Should Bricks Last after Installation?

Bricks can last 100 years or more with little maintenance. However, this largely depends on how well they were installed in the first place. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to redo someone else’s work from three years ago, all because they skipped crucial steps in the installation process. With It’s The Brick Guys, you can rest assured that your brick structure is built to last.

How to Fix Damaged Bricks on Your Property

If you’re dealing with damaged bricks, it’s important to act quickly. The damage is only going to get worse with gravity, water infiltration and freeze/thaw cycles. Here are the basic steps in the brick repaor process.

  • Identify the Cause of the Damage through a Brick Inspection
  • Find Targeted Solutions to Address the Cause and the Aftermath
  • Strategically Replace Damaged Bricks with the Closest Possible Match
  • Remove Worn Mortar and Replace with Fresh Color-Matched Mortar
  • Complete Brick Maintenance to Prevent Future Damage from Occurring

When you need brick repair, brick restoration or brick installation in Utica MI, contact us at (833) 627-4257.

Fully Insured Brick Installers with Years of Experience

No matter where you are or who you choose to work with, make sure your brick installers are insured! You shouldn’t have to absorb liability for any accidents that might occur. Our bricklayers go above and beyond to prevent those issues, but we carry a high-value insurance policy to protect us and you in a worst case scenario. That’s the kind of protection you can depend on time and time again.

To Schedule Your Quote for Brick Installation in Utica MI, Contact Us at (833) 627-4257