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Brick Driveway in Clinton Township MI

Feel like your house fades away in the background compared to the ones around you? Perhaps you live in a high-end neighborhood, and your cracked brick driveway is tanking your sales potential. Whether you want a wow factor or you’re just trying to keep up with the Jones’s, It’s The Brick Guys is here to help. We’ll build you a gorgeous brick driveway in Clinton Township MI and turn your home into the talk of the community.

  • Custom Brick Driveways, Walkways and Mailboxes
  • Dependable Bricklayers with Years of Experience
  • A Top-Rated Brick Installation Company in Clinton Township MI
  • Durable Bricks from Fendt Products, Manufactured Here in Michigan
  • The Right Materials for Every Project – We Strategically Select the Perfect Materials for Your Overall Needs
  • Free Estimates and Quick Turnaround Times

Give us a call at (833) 627-4257 to learn more about the process or schedule a consultation for brick driveway installation.

You Will Be Amazed at These Before and After Brick Paving Photos

Is a Brick Driveway Better Than Concrete?

Most designers will say that brick driveways look better than concrete driveways. From a financial standpoint, brick is probably going to cost more at first. This material is more durable than concrete and easier to repair, thus making it a better investment over a long stretch of time. Only you can determine if brick or concrete is better for you.

  • You Can Reset a Brick Driveway with the Same Materials – Concrete Requires a Repour
  • Brick Driveways Cost More Upfront But Have a Lower Cost over Time
  • A Custom Brick Driveway Can Elevate Your Home, Especially in an Upscale Neighborhood
  • Concrete Driveways Are Prone to Staining and Cracking
  • Consider a Combination of Brick and Concrete for a Happy Medium

Call It’s The Brick Guys at (833) 627-4257 to learn how to get a brick driveway in Clinton Township MI.

How Long Do Brick Driveways Last?

Brick driveways can last 50 years or more with proper installation, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance free. The soil in Clinton Township is mostly sand based, so it shifts a lot throughout the year. This will impact brick pavers and concrete structures, no matter how well they are installed. Luckily, you can easily have your brick driveway releveled when the time comes.

Learn More about Getting a Brick Driveway in Clinton Township MI by Calling (833) 627-4257