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Best Brick Patio Patterns for 2024

We’re halfway through the year and some amazing brick patterns have started to emerge for 2024. From modern eye-catching designs to tried-and-true classics, bricks make for the perfect patio design due to their beauty, versatility, and durability. The foundation of any backyard is the hardscaping, which means the brick pattern you settle on will take your patio design to the next level.

Impress your guests with these hot brick patio patterns for 2024.

Herringbone With a Twist

Zig-zag herringbone patterns are nothing new in hardscape designs, but this year we’re seeing a modern twist on the classic taking shape. Traditionally, herringbone patterns utilize bricks in a uniform size and color. But today’s homeowners are getting bold and mixing brick sizes and colors to complete the herringbone layout, such as larger format bricks to form the border and smaller bricks to create the actual design inside. Voila: modern flair offset by a visual hierarchy that’s hard to ignore.  

In terms of color, you can use two complementary brick colors to achieve your desired look, such as a warm beige for vertical elements and dark charcoal brick for the horizontal ones. Not only do you get a striking contrast to really bring out the zig-zag pattern, you can add depth and character to your patio design. If you’re really feeling bold, try a black or dark gray grout to make things pop.

Running Bond

If you like the clean lines inherent in a minimalist design, try an elegant running bond pattern. This is when bricks are laid in straight, parallel rows with each one being offset by half the length of the one above. You get an uninterrupted flow for a great feeling of spaciousness, perfect for contemporary patios or small areas where you want to create the illusion of space. 2024 is seeing larger format bricks for fewer grout lines, and thus a sleeker look.

If you want more warmth, go with a light beige or cream color. For a cooler look, go with a light taupe or pale gray for more of a sophisticated feel.


The basketweave pattern is comprised of interlocking squares, adding to its traditional European charm. Use this pattern if you are going for a rustic or cottage-inspired appearance. You can achieve this by alternating rows of horizontal and vertical bricks, mixing complementary brick colors for extra depth and intrigue. Consider adding a subtle contrast by using warm brown bricks for vertical elements and light cream bricks for horizontal.

To go heavy on the rustic, consider implementing reclaimed or tumbled bricks for a natural weathered, historic, and textured look.


There’s no better conversation piece than a bullseye pattern featuring concentric circles that radiate outwards. This bold pattern can be customized in any number of ways. Try different brick colors for the middle and surrounding rings, or go with contrasting materials such as pebbles or pavers inside the design. Not only does the bullseye create a focal point for your patio area, it defines various zones for seating, outdoor dining, or fire pits.

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