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Are Brick Houses Worth More Money?

If you’re building a house or want to make a smart decision for your next home purchase, you may wonder how brick siding affects your home’s value. Are brick houses worth more money? Do brick houses tend to sell for more money than vinyl or wood houses? Let’s discuss the different factors you should consider when choosing the siding for your house.

How Appraisers View Brick Houses

An appraisal is an opinion of value, and as a result, it is subject to each individual appraiser’s opinion. Local appraisers take into account the age, size, and condition of a home as it compares to similar homes in the area. In most cases, a brick house will appraise for slightly more than a similar house made with a different siding material. If the brick is in disrepair, though, that will detract from the appraised value.

Having well-maintained brick siding will likely boost your appraisal value in most situations, but it will all depend on the building material trends in your area.

How Insurance Companies View Brick Houses

Brick houses typically cost less to insure than other houses because bricks are more durable in storms. Hail may turn vinyl siding into a block of Swiss cheese, but stable bricks will remain strong against intense winds. Strong siding leads to fewer insurance claims, which allows you to have a lower monthly rate for your home insurance.

If you have a mortgage on your property, the higher price you might pay for a brick house should be offset by the lower insurance premiums.

Less Upkeep Leads to More Money in Your Pocket

Bricks are considered relatively easy to maintain compared to other siding materials. Replace the mortar when it gets worn down and monitor for cracks and water infiltration. Those are the biggest requirements you need to follow for brick maintenance, which should save you money in annual upkeep. This makes your house feel like it’s worth even more because it’s saving you money year after year.

Protect Your Brick Home with Quality Installation and Maintenance from ITBG

The quality of your brick installation and maintenance will affect its overall value. Poor craftsmanship quickly turns into costly repairs, so it’s important to get the job done right from the start. It’s The Brick Guys is here to make sure your home is well cared for at every milestone, including new brick installation, brick restoration, and brick repair. Contact us at (833) 627-4257 to schedule an estimate or learn more about our masonry services.